Why do we use camera surveillance?

Nordika uses camera surveillance with the aim of preventing and complicating: criminal acts within property areas where Nordika operates, protecting staff and visitors as well as the property's property from crime and vandalism. What type of camera surveillance do we use and on what legal basis?

Monitoring and recording of video within the property area

The purpose of this is to maintain a safe environment for staff and visitors and to prevent criminal activity such as theft and vandalism. The camera surveillance provides support in the company's preventive work against serious incidents that pose a threat to persons or property, as well as in the investigation of crimes such as vandalism, theft or threats and violence. The monitoring also fulfills a function to curb the stay of unauthorized persons in the properties.

Legal basis: The camera surveillance takes place with the support of the regulations for balance of interests. There is deemed to be a legitimate interest in processing the data for the stated purposes.

Storage of specific recordings and events

Aims to, as part of a police report or ongoing police investigation, secure evidence for onward transfer to police authorities.

Legal basis: We handle personal data with the support of "legal obligation" when we store and forward data to police authorities as part of an ongoing police report or ongoing police investigation.

Who has access to the camera surveillance?

Access to Nordika's camera surveillance is limited to a group of authorized employees at Nordika as well as authorized personnel in the companies tasked with managing surveillance and managing Nordika's camera surveillance system. Data may also be processed by police authorities where there is a legal aspect.

How long is recorded material saved?

Recorded material is normally saved for 14 days. Material may be saved longer if it is needed to comply with specific legal requirements or if the material is evidence in ongoing legal proceedings. In these cases, the material is deleted as soon as the purpose of saving it has ceased.

Recorded material is saved on special servers with a high level of IT security and physical security, where access to the material is limited to a small number of authorized persons.

If you have more questions regarding camera surveillance, please contact the management of the property in question.