Nordika hires Terje Björsell as managing partner with responsibility for running Nordika’s new investment strategy –  Nordika Plus

Nordika Plus will invest in institutional properties with a focus on stable cash flows. The structure is designed to generate continuous dividends to shareholders primarily to meet their pension obligations. Nordika Plus will be developed into a sustainable property company focusing on stable properties in attractive Scandinavian market. The new structure will have a longer holding period where the intention is to achieve a portfolio of properties over time of approximately SEK 5 billion.

Nordika Plus will be led by Terje Björsell who has over 16 years of experience in the real estate industry. He joins from Niam where he successfully helped to develop and operate its core plus strategy since it was first initiated.

Jonas Grandér, CEO of Nordika comments:

“In a strong market, it is tempting to step further out on the risk scale to achieve higher returns. With Nordika Plus we do the opposite and instead reduce risk and in return. We will accept a lower but more stable cash flow. In a zero interest rate environment, it feels like the right step to take and we are pleased that Terje joins us where he will have the daily responsibility of running Nordika Plus. Terje has a long experience in the industry where he has worked very successfully with similar duties.”

Terje Björsell, Managing Partner of Nordika Plus comments on his new role:

“Investors are looking for stable returns where properties are playing an increasingly important role, at the same time we see that there is underlying growth that drives demand for premises which supports Nordika Plus’ strategy. With many rewarding years at Niam behind me, it feels very exciting to launch and develop the company, and together with other employees of Nordika, creating a long-term and dynamic operation that meets investors’ demands for returns and operating cash flow.”

For additional information, please contact:

Jonas Grandér
CEO, Nordika
Mobile: +46 707 509 494

Terje Björsell
Managing Partner, Nordika Income
Mobile: +46 72 589 16 56